Earn extra incomes by riding with LITTO. Ride when you are free. Choose working schedule that is right for you.


Drive Less, Earn More.

No need to deliver 1-to-1 and drive all day for long hours.


Our LITTO Flex system will offer you a "batch" job.


For example, one batch job may only require you to pick up delivery packages from our hub and deliver them to multiple locations in one trip.

Help save your time and fuel expenses from riding back and forth all day long.


Extra earnings during your down time.

LITTO delivery time is typically around 3:00pm - 6:00pm, which is normally your idle period.

If you ride for other platforms, LITTO helps fill in your downtime, allowing you to make extra incomes during off-peak hours.

No. We won't charge you a commission fee.

LITTO does not charge you a commission fee of typically 15-25%.

What you earn is 100% yours.

LITTO ลิตโต้
LITTO ลิตโต้

No queue. No waiting.

No need to wait in line at restuarants. No need to waste your time looking for a parking spot.

LITTO makes sure delivery packages are ready for you to pick up.

Just come to a hub and you are ready to go, right away!

Frequently asked questions


Do I have to work everyday?

Drive when you are free.


What kinds of merchandises do I carry and deliver?

Groceries and Daily Essentials. 


Do I have to collect merchandises myself?


We will prepare a package and await for you to pick up.


How much do you pay us?

LITTO will offer you a batch delivery. On average, a fee is approximately THB 300-600 for 1-3 hour of riding.


How much is charged for commission?

LITTO charges you 0% commission.

Your earning is 100% yours.


Can I apply to ride other than in Bangkok area?

Not yet.  LITTO's delivery service areas are currently in Bangkok and Vicinity. 

Other areas will open soon.


Do I need motorbike or car insurance?

We recommend at least a 3rd-party liability and accident insurances from reliable insurers.


How to apply?

Add LINE and apply.


Apply Now

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Sedan, SUV or Truck