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Dr. David Jia, PhD

  • Business Leadership and Silicon Valley entrepreneur in e-commerce, biotech & healthcare, AI, blockchain, and IoT Startup.

  • Startups founders of UpKast, BookedBy, CTO-Kairos Society and many more.

  • LightSpeed Ventures Fellowship Awards

  • Gates Cambridge Fellowship, awarded by Bill Gates.

  • PhD, MS University of Oxford (Neuroscience and AI, Marshall Scholar and Clarendon Scholar).

  • BS, MS Engineering, MS Statistics, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Stanford

Dr. David Jia is a business leader, technologist, and serial entrepreneur. Being passionate about business and technology at a young age, David started programming at the age of 7, and was a frequent winner in the mathematics Olympiad. He successfully started his first company designing and distributing customized car audio electronics in the United States at the age of 15. Within one year, he opened an office, scaled the team to lead people twice his age including MBAs, and grew the company to annual sales of $1M USD.

During his undergraduate years at MIT, he invented a cloud-based operating system, one of the first of its kind, for which he won the Linked Data Technology Prize given by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. Using the technology he developed, David started UpKast Inc., a cloud computing and big data company, which won the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Award in Web and IT. Later at Stanford, he co-founded BookedBy Inc., which became the fastest growing enterprise software company in the beauty industry within 5 years. Today, BookedBy is a global company with over 100 employees and 5 offices across the world. In addition, he served as the CTO of Kairos Society, a non-profit organization consisting of the largest international network of entrepreneurs worldwide. David specializes in leadership, business strategy, and corporate culture. His technological expertise spans areas of enterprise software, ecommerce, biotechnology & healthcare, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of things (IoT).

David was educated at MIT, Stanford, and Oxford. He earned his doctorate in medicine at the University of Oxford in the UK specializing in the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. At Oxford, he was a Marshall Scholar and a Clarendon Scholar. He has also won prestigious national and international honors for his business leadership and technological innovations, including the LightSpeed Ventures Fellowship, the Highland Ventures Fellowship, the US National Science Foundation Research Fellowship, and the Gates Cambridge Fellowship, awarded by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.